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Tuck Top Dispenser Boxes

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Tuck Top Dispenser

Tuck top dispenser boxes feature a reliable structure to pour the content out upon desire easily and quickly. It is also known as tuck in dispenser box with die-cut opening. During production the die-cut oval upper is perforated for easy opening. When product is filled in these boxes and exhibited on counters or walls, the perforated dispenser part is opened and extended out. Typically the die-cut size is equal to the individual item inside the box so it can be poured out conveniently. Technically the dispenser die-cut exits on the front panel with the auto-lock bottom. This constant conjunction of perforated opening and auto-lock bottom is necessary that features stability and durability for these types of boxes.

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The perforated opening on dispenser boxes exists at the bottom because due to gravity the inner content of the box can be poured out from the bottom. So if there is no auto bottom then due to a perforated opening existence just above the bottom flat surface, the whole bottom panel may collapse and there would be no support on the box from the bottom side. The function of auto lock bottom sis that both the front and rear lock bottom flaps are glued with small sized side flaps which are also known as bottom dust flaps more commonly. Brief synopsis of auto bottoms is that the box can be restored automatically to its sealing status even by stretching as well as to attain a flat surface at the bottom after the box is folded. The top of these boxes is a simple tuck end for ease in folding. Our quality printed tuck end dispenser style boxes with attractive design makes them ideal for placement at retail purchase and point of sales to catch the attention of audiences.

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