Showcase Exhibit

Sales point display boxes are a trend to showcase products to impress customers with flashy and contracting color printing of brand logo or product photo. Through personalized printing on display containers, one can achieve strategic marketing objectives through first impression over potential customers.

Our premium printed display folding cartons have versatile designs of top header closing panels which could be die-cut into any customized shape. These headers are printed with contrast colors and enhanced product images to attract customers.

At, we also produce small volume orders of fully customized display boxes at low affordable rates. Endorse any brand or product displaying it to more customers to make their mind to buy a product upon their next requirement.

Our showcase exhibit boxes can be designed comprehensively using pantone colors and CMYK colors, to make a product packaging different from it’s competition. These innovative display cartons are not only useful in making a successful brand mark but also necessary for increasing product sales.