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Seal End Cereal Boxes

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Seal End Cereal

These seal end boxes are similar to cereal boxes where security of inner items and innovative structures are required. These boxes feature a rectangular structure where the top close panel is glued with the extended flap of the rear panel. These extended flaps at the top and bottom of the box are smaller in size compared to the actual depth of the box. For larger production units, these are glued perfectly using machines. Assembly process for these boxes is done during the product fulfillment process. Side glued seal end style is a very secure room for sensitive products either in the food or electronics sectors. These can also be featured with an extra perforation seal for ease in opening. Once this double sealed box is opened from the secondary seal, then it can never be closed again. So this is an idealistic and convenient box solution for the safety of products.

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Seal end cereal food containers are manufactured by our professional production staff using the best materials and cutting-edge technologies available today. These seal end boxes help hold a product in a secure manner and are available in diverse and customized alternatives. Most abundant cereal box packaging is made in almost every color option.

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