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Pleated Top Boxes

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Pleated Top

Pleated top boxes come in a verity of sized having customized top portion. In this box the top potion has no separated dust flaps but whole structure is scored in such a ways that when these are folded a gable shaped top is formed. There is also a tuck or tab option to make this shape stable. Sometime these are sealed by glue for more sensitive products. At bottom there is auto-lock or snack lock style. Tuck end bottom is an additional customized style. Pleated top boxes are often used for dry milk powder and gift items. These boxes have two portions. One is pleated and other is base potion. Base portion has rectangular structure allowing more room for product packaging.

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We are offering pleated top boxes which have the ability to hold the goods as well as displaying one’s creativity. These boxes can be customized according to the desires of the customers primarily based on the parameters like size, color and style.

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