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Office And Stationary is a leading supplier of office and stationery printing and packaging solutions in small or large quantities. At our manufacturing plant, we produce color printing office and stationery packaging which showcases innovative designs by employing different styling techniques for instance tuck flaps or locking tabs while being economically feasible. Depending on the weight of an object which is to be placed inside a box, ranging from scotch tape to stapler pins, to big box files, a precise gauge of paper stock is used to ensure the product’s safe handling during shipping and storage.

Our designers work with our customers by creating an artwork for a product if one does not have one, and use the finest inks available to achieve superior quality results on time. Having a huge selection of styles, color combinations and sizes to choose from, our referrals and testimonials from satisfied customers has helped us become a number one choice for many office and stationery manufacturers across the US.

Office and stationery products are made in a varying range of styles, sizes and colors. We here at have extensive working knowledge in today’s competitive world where packaging plays a very important role in helping create brand awareness which is all the difference it takes to have an advantage over their competition. A product’s placement alone does not increase sales and thus the right color combination, the right size and an innovative style has to appeal and attract potential buyers.

Having extensive experience of designing and manufacturing quality packaging solutions for the hardware and tool industry, we have been a top choice for developing strong and sturdy boxes available in a variety of customizations. We offer Fast Shipping within the US, Free Graphic Designing Services, Free Lamination (Matte or Gloss). To learn more about special discounts, please contact us to learn more.