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Lock Bottom Display Lid Boxes

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Lock Bottom Display Lid

In lock bottom display lid boxes the bottom panel is either simple snap locked or has a specific lock which is associated with a small tab. The purpose of this bottom lock to attain maximum surface that is in touch with bottom. These boxes come with handy display top panel which tucks in from side with the support of side dust flaps. The top panel is scored from middle and after folding it goes vertical over the rear panel and keep audiences aware about the displayed items with a colored printed logo and message. These convenient display lid boxes are based on the same design as the auto bottom display top boxes. Only the difference is from bottom part.

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We design, manufacture and deliver an extensive range of lock bottom display lid boxes on SBS and corrugated paper stock to our customers, which can be a product of excessive marketing device. One can display glasses, jars, metal parts and other items for potential customers. These boxes can also be offered in a customized variety in line with the product and its branding.

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