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Four Corner Tray Boxes

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Four Corner Tray

Four corner tray features an easy foldable structure where a bottom part of a cake boxes regularly seen on cake shops. These boxes have the ability to be folded flat after glued from sides for convenient folding during fulfillment. This is an efficient product for shipping variable sized products. Two side panels have scored or perforated symmetrical lines with specific diagonal angles which provide convenient folding for a better shape. After gluing the sizes with extended flaps on the other two sides, these trays are folded in a collapsed position. These are only made in a single size, but due to its flexibility in side dimensions, two pieces can be combined together in shape to form a two piece telescopic or gift box style. If there is no margin between a product and its actual inner dimensions, the lid must be larger than the bottom for a perfect close up.

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We are deeply concerned with imparting the finest and quality assurance guaranteed four corner trays. These trays are offered damage free and can remain sustained for reuse. Moreover, provided packaging trays are attractive to the eye. Splendid finishing touches on these four corner trays are available for customers in a more secure shape.

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