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Foot Lock Tray Boxes

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Foot Lock Tray

Having prominent features in non-glued tray structure these foot lock trays are designed with inward foldable panel on both sides which form the foot or ground support being locked with the bottom flat portion of the box. Small tabs on the side panels are almost equal in width of bottom slots. The material is heavy in weight and the side panel male lock is smaller in size than the bottom female lock portion of the lock structure for added security and storage protection. Side panel center score line is often half perforated for both card and corrugated material resulting an extra smooth and fancy folded look.

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These foot lock trays could be categorized in many styles but the basic structure is almost same. While folding the four fixed flaps on this foot lock bottom tray cartons are not impressed or affected in any way when they are closed or folded. Four flaps attached with 90 degree sides provide the main support for heavy products. A perfect look is actually a professionalism which a necessary part of our production department. Simply! From design to die making to the die cutting unit operator, everyone has extensive working knowledge. Keep your foot lock trays for reusable purposes while printing them on a quality stock.

We manufacture these foot lock trays for cakes and other baked goods which are notably utilized to soundly deliver these perishable items in variable sizes undamaged. These trays are manufactured with the usage of exceptional materials so that they do not get compressed with ease. We provide these in various sizes, colors and shapes in order to cater to the diverse requirements of our wide consumer-base.

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