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Five Panel Hanger Boxes

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Five Panel Hanger

Five panel hanger boxes stylistically feature an additional panel on the rear side and are also known as hanger tab. These are fabricated by elevating the rear panel to desired height and then scoring it down into the rear side where top closure panel is inserted in. These tabs have die-cut circle or hanger in desired shapes which is used for hanging and displaying the box in retail or departmental stores for product display on hooks. We can design five panel hanger boxes in a variety of different styles to meet your requirement. Making these boxes in straight tuck end can have a stylish window which displays products deeply. If there is no die-cut hole then using clip strips, someone can display these boxes conveniently on different locations.

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Five panel hanger boxes feature an extra header with a die-cut hang tab. These boxes play a wide role in retail industry packaging. These have auto lock bottoms with smooth box and die-cut hang holes mostly used for displaying these boxes in an array of retail store wire hangers. Hang headers can be designed with additional information than the front panels. Our design and production team ensure premium quality of this undeniable five panel hanger box to let customers have a nice finished product. Flawlessly prepared underneath steerage of diligent specialists, this hanger box is durable and is presented inside the marketplace in various sizes. Our team ships these boxes to our customers after inspection to ensure quality assurance on numerous steps.

These boxes can also be customized using cellophane window on the front. For ease in folding and assembling, the top closure panel is employed on tuck end boxes. The header top is simply scored in flat shape so before assembling the box, it has to be folded inward. These boxes are also known as five panel hanger auto bottom boxes in industrial language. Our innovative hanger boxes are constructed in dramatic pocket-safe costs. We are continuously progressing as an enterprise as our professional crew enables us in production to present an advanced variety of revealed packing boxes. These five panel boxes are fabricated with different types of materials and prints. They observe the technological traits enabling us to convey progressive modifications within the shapes, colors and designs of the merchandise. These are presented in one-of-a-kind classes which include retail and consumer, device packaging etc.

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