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Double Wall Display Lid Boxes

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Double Wall Display Lid

In these double wall display lid boxes gluing is not necessary making them a gadget for fast and convenient packaging and display purposes. Whether it is a point-of-purchase or a store, these boxes are an adoptable display solution made for a variety of products. These boxes are delivered flat and can be assembled with ease. Depending upon the item, the size of the side walls are tapered down towards the front panel. Large display back panels elevate into the top cover so that it serves a display lid as well. These double walls with display lid boxes can be made from a flimsy card or rigid corrugated stock.

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Double wall display lid means sides panels are folded from the central tapered score line and locked at the bottom. Display lid means the top flap covers the body of box as well as when it is folded at the back to make a display back or header. If it is closed when received then one needs to open the top of the carton and then fold the lid at the back to appropriate for convenient use. Appealing in appearance, these printed double wall display lid boxes are preferred through purchasers because of the availability in exclusive sizes. These boxes are superior in assembling and are most commonly used boxes found in retail stores. Superior in finish, these ideal for auto parts and goods are also offered with lamination to prevent any moisture damage.

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