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Candle And Spa has an aim of developing perfect candle box packaging solutions by utilizing modernized styles and color options. At our production plant, we create color printed spa and candle packaging, which features a unique style-based folding cartons as a cornerstone. In the online candle and spa packaging industry, we produce cost effective products instantly with quality as a standard for the industry and became a preferred and professional spa packaging manufacturer. We are a leader in providing a cost effective design and print solution for spa box packaging and because of our top qualities and amazing production abilities, we are widely recommended by lot of our customers.

We specialize in small run spa and candle box packaging made in customized sizes, styles and these unparalleled cartons have proven ideal for everyday spa and candle businesses, providing durable quality, vast coverage of different print options. As an avid supporter of green environment, uses recycled materials for these products.

In candle and Spa packaging industry, there are unique styles and specific dimensions of each product and precisely folding cartons is a requirement for these businesses. Depending upon the weight of product, an accurate gauge of paperboard is utilized to reinforce the box’s strength against the damages which could happen during transport. If one’s demand is top rated printing colors and best paperboard stock, then is the number one choice for development of stylish Spa and candle box packaging. We work with our customers step by step and guide them throughout the way so they receive superior color printing quality for their brands.